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Fornavn=First name | Efternavn=Last name | Adresse=Address | Adresse 2=Address 2 | Postnr.=Zip code | By=City | Telefon=Telephone | 


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We can offer you lodging for free at Efterskolen Kildevæld, Tøndervej 75, 6000 Kolding. (5.5 km from the conference) It will be in class rooms and you need to bring your own mattress and bedding. Showers will be available.

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If you want to support others, so they can go, you can add here how much you want to support with.

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When you pay ECHO with card, the amount will first be deducted approx. 2 weeks before. If you choose an invoice, this will be sent out 14 days before the weekend and please pay accordingly. You will shortly after you have confirmed your registration on the next page, receive an email as confirmation that the registration has been processed (Check your spam if you do not receive a confirmation).

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